Our Leadership


Every June we install the new officers for the next club year.  We thank all the dedicated members who have served Soroptimist International of Eureka  in the past to ensure the sustainability of our club. Leadership opportunities is one
of the benefits of membership in our organization.  
We are women at our best,
helping other women  to be their best. 

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2022-2023 installations

2022-2023  Board of Directors
President- Monica Lee Rose
President Elect- Carole Cress Crossley  
Vice President- Lorretta Dulay
Treasurer- Mandy Marquez
Assist Treasurer- Lisa Landry
Secretary- Theatta Smith
Assist Secretary- Hannah Winans
Directors- Dyann O'Brien & Julie Sessa (not pictured) 
L-R: Carole, Hannah, Dyann, Mandy, Lisa, Monica, Lorretta, Theatta

2021-2022 installations

2021-2022 Board Of Directors
President - Danelle Tegarden
Vice-President - Brooke Engel
Secretary - Jessica Hindley
Treasurer - Mandy Marquez
Assistant Treasurer - Carole Crossley
Director - Elaine Reed
Delegate - Burrill Catanach

L-R: Mandy, Carol, Burrill, Danelle, Brooke, Vicki Baldwin (District IV Director), Elaine, Kris Chorbi (Governor)

2020-2021 installation

2020-2021 Board of Directors
President-  Danelle Tegarden
Vice President -  Broke Engel
Secretary-  Jessica Hindley
Treasurer-  Cori Reed
Assist Treasurer-  Carol Crossley
Directors-  Elaine Reed & Darcy Gray
Delegate - Burrill Catanach
Alternate Delegate - Julie Sessa

2019-2020 installation

2019-2020 Board of Directors
President - Danelle Tegarden
Vice President - Brook Engel
Secretary - Ann Jadro-Betiga
Treasurer - Cori Reed
Assistant Treasurer - Carol Crossley
Director - Elaine Reed

L-R: Sylvia Crafton (Governor), Elaine, Carol, Ann, Brooke, Danelle

2018-2019 installation

2018-2019 Board of Directors
President - Elaine Reed
Vice President - Danelle Tegarden
Secretary - Ann Jadro-Bettiga
Treasurer - Cori Reed
Assistant Treasurer - Kathy Johansen
Directors - Brooke Clark & Deborah Reeves 
L-R: Elaine, Danelle, Donna, Cori, Kathy, Brooke, Deboreah

2017-2018 installation

2017-2018 Board of Directors
                         President - Crystal Hull
                          Vice President - Patty Stocum replaced by Amy Whitlatch
                          Secretary - Amy Whitlatch replaced by Ann Jadro-Bettiga
                          Treasurer -  Kate Burns
                          Assist Treasurer -  Danelle Tegarden
                          Director - Ann Jadro-Bettiga replaced by Cori Reed
                          Director - Brooke Clark
                          Delegate - Elaine Reed 

2016 -2017 installation

2016-2017 Board of Directors
President - Hannah Winans
Vice President - Patty Stocum
Secretary - Katie Hall
Treasurer - Danelle Tegarden
Assistant Treasurer - Kate Burns

L-R: Hannah, Patty, Molly, Crystal, Danelle

2015-2016 installation

2015-2016  Board of Directors
President - Hannah Winans
Vice President - Michelle Rowland
Secretary - Katie Hall
Treasurer - Danelle Tegarden
Assistant Treasurer - Kate Burns
Directors - Elaine Reed & Mary Wallaker

L-R: Mary, Elaine, Kate, Danelle, Katie, Michelle, Hannah,
Kris Chorbi (District V Director)

2014-2015 installation

2014-2015 Board of  Directors
President - Dyann O'brien
Vice President - Hannah Winans
Secretary - Michelle Rowland
Treasurer - Danelle Tegaden
Director - Katie Hall

L-R: Donna, Michelle, Hannah, Dyann, Kate, Bobbie Enderlin (Governor), Dona Gaddis-Wolf (Governor-elect)

2013-2014 installation

2013-2014 Board of Directors
President - Mandy Marquez
Vice President - Crystal Hull
Secretary - Kate Burns
Treasurer - Judy Richards
Assistant Treasurer - Marsha Royer
Directors - Judy Stoffer

L-R: Mandy, Crystal, Kate, Judy, Marsha, Judy

2012-2013 installation

2012-2013 Board of Directors
President - Crystal Hull
President Elect - Donna Ayers
Vice President - Hannah Winans
Secretary - Jennifer Oliver
Treasurer - Ann Jadro-Bettiga
Assist. Treasurer - Jolene Thrash
Director - Dyann O'Brien
Delegate - Karen Mann

L-R: Donna, Jolene, Karen, Crystal, Dyann, Jennifer, Hannah, Ann

2009-2010 installation

2009-2010 Board of Directors
President - Mandy Marquez
1st Vice President -  Hannah Winans
2ns Vice President -  Jennifer Burger
Secretary - Kate Burns
Treasurer - Judy Richards
Assistant Treasurer -  Cindy Hardin
Directors - Karen Mann  

L-R: Debbie, Kate, Hannah, Mandy, Karen, Jennifer, Judy, Cindy

2015-20169 installation

2012-2013 Board of Directors
President - Crystal Hull
President Elect - Donna Ayers
Vice President - Hannah Winans
Secretary - Jennifer Oliver
Treasurer - Ann Jadro-Bettiga
Assist. Treasurer - Jolene Thrash
Director - Dyann O'Brien
Delegate - Karen Mann

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Past Presidents

Soroptimist International of Eureka Past Presidents                

 1970 Installation of Officers
Center - President Catherine (Kate) Burns

From left:
Bobbi Alexander - President 1971-1972
Marianne Gay - President 1972-1973
Jean Wyckoff
Kate Burns - President 1970-1972
Helen Farley - President 1977-1978
Mary McKee - Past President 1965-1966


1938/1940       Imogene Platt - Charter President
1940/1941       May Pettengill
1941/1942       Gladys Gresham
1942/1943       Edna Davis
1943/1944       Clara D. McDaniels
1944/1945       Nell Dick
1945/1946       Winnie Hill
1946/1947       Ruth Beck & Helen Murie
1947/1948       Nova Marshall
1948/1949       Nene Collver
1949/1950       Emily McVicker
1950/1951       Peggy Neale
1951/1952       Pearl Jacobson
1952/1953       Bernice Kitchen
1953/1954       Elberta Arnold
1954/1955       Clair Guthrie
1955/1956       Ellen Vincent
1956/1957       Grace Woodcock
1957/1958       Alice Kjer
1958/1959       Fern Johnson Enke
1959/1960       Ruby Shanahan
1960/1961       Helen Reid
1961/1962       Frances Baribault
1962/1963       Vera Wollford
1963/1964       Jean Sheppard
1964/1965       Lucille Enke
1965/1966       Mary McKee
1966/1967       Barbara Hall
1967/1968       Alice Cameron
1968/1969       Kathleen Halvorsen
1969/1970       Frances Allen Rapin
1970/1971       Catherine Burns
1971/1972       Bobbie Alexander
1972/1973       Marianne Gay
1973/1974       Shirley Hertz
1974/1975       Ellen Dusick
1975/1976       Barbara Wyckoff
1976/1977       Marge Autrey
1977/1978       Helen Farley
1978/1979       Joan Stout
1979/1980       Lymina Ham
1980/1981       Gerry Hood
1981/1982       Barbara Chapman
1982/1983       Elaine C. Todd
1983/1984       Donna Ayres
1984/1985       Diane Hogan
1985/1986       Linda Yee White
1986/1987       Dixie Ricks
1987/1988       Beth Gable
1988/1989       Betty Gosselin
1989/1991       Dawn Moreland
1991/1992       Sharon Hood
1992/1994       Darlene Penfold
1994/1995       Donna Brown
1995/1997       Cindy Hardin
1997/1998       Cori Reed
1998/2000       Elaine Reed
2000/2001       Carol Cransdon
2001/2003       Kris Chorbi
2003/2004       Connie Meisner
2003/2005       Jennifer Johnston
2005/2006       Darcy Gray
2006/2007       Linda Grimm
2007/2009       Aron Duda
2009/2011       Mandy Marquez
2011/2013       Crystal Hull
2013/2015       Dyann O’Brien
2015/2017       Hannah Winans
2017/2018       Crystal Hull
2018/2019       Elaine Reed
2019/2022  Danelle Tegarden
2022/2023  Monica Rose


Business Instructor Humboldt State College
Real Estate
Humboldt County Free Library
Executive  Secretary, Red Cross
County Government
Eureka City School Nurse
Nurse/City Library
Medical Office Manager
Asst. Supt. Eureka City Schools
Supervisor General Hospital
Pharmacy Owner
Vocal teacher Eureka High School'
Shafers Hardware
Physical Therapist
Manager Ingomar Club
Paint and Hardware Store
Attendance Supervisor Eureka City Schools
Heavy Equipment - Brizard/Matthews
Eureka City Clerk
Restaurant Supplies
Charm School Owner
X-ray Laboratory Co-owner
Chain Saw Dealer
Millinery Shop Owner
Liquor Distributor Office Manager
Transportation Co. Co-owner
Crippled Children Association
Halvorsen Printing Co. Owner
Belcher Title Company
Elementary School Principal
PG&E, Private Secretary
Eureka Readimix Office Manager
Pacific Telephone Sales
Executive Secretary Law Office
Meads Cards and Gifts
Bank of America Trust Dept.
Milk Distribution
California Teachers Association
Credit and Collection
Salvation Army
Real Estate
McCrea Datsun Dealer
Ayres Enterprises - Owner
White House Furniture Office Manager
Time Standard Controller
Flower Shop
PG&E Meter Reader
Motor Lube Co-owner
Salvation Army
Insurance Agency owner
Real Estate Broker
Mary Kay Representative
Eureka Newspaper Advertising
Overhead Doors, Co-owner
Real Estate Broker
Eureka Florist - Co-owner
Coastal Business Machines Office Manger
Building Contractor, Office Manager
Redwood Capital Bank
Humboldt Merchants' Services
California Mentor Network
US Bank - VP Commercial Lending
Redwood Coast Regional Center
Redwood Coast Regional Center
Community Reality - Realtor
Retired Pre School Owner
Retired Girl Scout Staff
Coast Central Credit Union
Director of Boys & Girls Club